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Feb 2, 2004 5:16:03 PM Archived Entry: "Various notes on the trip to La Paz, Mexico"

I've decided to call my mode of travel Tammy's Adventure Vacations. For example: Whale Watching with Tammy's Adventure Vacations! Instead of paying $125 to have someone drive you in a bus directly to a place where someone will be waiting to take you whale watching, you drive yourself, getting stuck behind a 30 vehicle caravan of fogeys driving their RVs down from Canada to Ciudad Constitucion. Every time you pass one, you're stuck behind another with a nice long no passing stretch of highway keeping you put. Then you go to the beach where NO ONE is waiting to take you whale watching. You argue with the professional outfit about going with them (No I don't want to wait another hour and then spend $100 per person and for four hours, I only want two hours and I need to go home before dark!), then go talk to the guy sitting in the plastic chair under a cheap looking tarp a mile down the road. He takes you to his house, where he has four boats parked in the yard, then you hop into his ancient truck and he drives you to the beach, where you enter an unsheltered boat guided by your "native" guide ("Uh ... so you don't speak any English? Hmm, that might not be so good for my companion here ... and I don't have a vocabulary that supports talking about marine biology.").

Of course, then you have a fabulous time, once you finally get on the water at 3 PM (when you would be leaving, after eating if you went on the expensive tour), but you still wind up driving home in the dark.

Tammy's Adventure Tours also feature the Saturday night cazuelada at El Zarape - as promised by our guide book (the Moon guide). Oops, they aren't doing the buffet anymore! (At least not for dinner - they are doing it for lunch.) That means we are stuck with what they bring us when we order the cazuelada. And ooh, what is that? A big bowl full of SIMMERED PORK SKIN. Yummers.

But ... we got 5 other bowls of food (simmered green chile strips, chicken mole, some kind of beef thing, and beans), and we had more food than we could eat. I felt so bad sending it all back. Except for the chicarrones.

More to come later ...

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