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Apr 5, 2003 2:35:08 PM Archived Entry: "Neighborhood plant exchange"

I was supposed to go to Mount Vernon to see the Tulip Festival with Rebecca today, but instead of sunny turning to overcast it was overcast and damn cold out this morning. Her phone call to get the final details together woke me up too damn early, and I was in a bad mood most of the morning, yelling at the dogs and growling at Worthy Opponent. When we talked an hour and a half later, she had actually decided tomorrow would work better for both of us, and I was relieved to not have to rush around. I still needed to pick up for the appraiser, and I wanted very much to go to the plant exchange.

I have now made it to the plant exchange, and I got a bunch of good possibilities for this year (in exchange for glads, the ever sickly passionflower plant, the scraggly yucca, an orchid, and some irises). I want to write them all down so I don't forget what they are.

Here's my list:
Mini irises
Two sedums, one a NW native (the woman who brought it said to call her and she'd give me its botanical name)
Red hot poker
Purple or white dahlias
Orange poppies
The mystery plant that likes really bad soil
Lily of the valley (looks like bleeding heart to me)
Summit raspberries (ever bearing!)
Uncle Wilfred's tomatoes (I'm doing a veggie garden this year)
Lady's Mantle
Kwanzaa daylily

Now I need to get out there and get gardening! I need to trim the rosebushes, plant the dahlias that came yesterday, start my vegetables, and get all the newbies in! What a lot of work! And of course the house is in dire need of spring cleaning, which I predict will not be happening this weekend.

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